#8 Great Hall as chapel
The Sisters of Mercy administration (the Superior General and her council), community sisters, and novitiate sisters moved in to the mansion one month after the January 1924 purchase. They were delighted with the adaptability of the mansion to a convent. From the Sisters of Mercy Annals:

“Much time was consumed for a satisfactory arrangement. The music hall seemed planned for a chapel…the library has become a reception room for the sisters’ visitors; the dining room is now the novitiate common room; the breakfast room makes a wonderfully bright and cheery refectory; the billiard room is the professed sisters common room; all the guest rooms on the third floor have become dormitories for the novices and postulants, a novitiate study room, and an office for the Mistress of Novices. The servants’ quarters on the fourth floor serve as cells for the professed sisters. Commodious closets, baths, lavatories are numerous throughout the house and the plumbing is excellent.(!)”

Written by: Liz Dossa, Sister Marilyn Gouailhardou, RSM and Catherine Wilkinson