Mercy (Mercy High School, Burlingame, a California corporation) is the owner of the real property and improvements located at 2750 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, California 94010 (the “Kohl Mansion”).


    Rental Fee includes 8 continuous hours*. To reserve your Event date**, a deposit in the amount of 1/2 the permit fee, which includes a $500.00 security deposit***. The balance of the fee is due 90 days prior to the date of the Event.

      *8 or 9 hour rental includes 2 hrs prior to the Event for vendors to setup and 1 hr after the Event for vendors to break down. Additional time is available at $500.00 an hour.

      ** Upon payment of the Initial Deposit, the Date of Event MAY NOT be changed.

      *** The $500.00 Security Deposit shall be held by Mercy as security for the performance by Permittee of all of the provisions of this Agreement. Any damage in or to the Kohl Mansion caused by Permittee or any agent, vendor, contractor, licensee or invitee of Permittee shall be repaired by Mercy at Permittee’s expense, and Mercy shall deduct the cost of such repairs from the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit (or any balance thereof) shall be returned to Permittee within 6 weeks after the Date of Event. Permittee waives the provisions of California Civil Code §1950.7 and all other present and future laws that restrict the amount/types of claim that a landlord may make upon a security deposit or imposes upon a landlord or a successor any obligation with respect to the handling or return of security deposits.


    Notice of intent to cancel any event at the Kohl Mansion must be submitted, in writing, to Mercy at the address set forth below its signature to this Agreement. NO VERBAL NOTIFICATIONS OF CANCELLATION WILL BE ACCEPTED. This Agreement is non-transferable.

    Upon Mercy’s receipt of written notice of cancellation, a refund of the Initial Deposit will be issued according to the following schedule (based on the date the cancellation notification is received):

      • More than 12 months prior to Date of Event: 100% of Initial Deposit, less $100 fee.
      • 8-12 months prior to Date of Event: 50% of Initial Deposit, less $100 fee.
      • Less than 8 months prior to Date of Event: NO REFUNDS

    Permittee shall not represent or claim that any portion of the Initial Deposit or other fees retain by Mercy pursuant to this Section 3 is a tax deductible donation to Mercy.


    Permittee acknowledges and agrees that neither Mercy nor any of Mercy’s employees or agents has made any representation or warranty as to the present or future condition of the Kohl Mansion or the surrounding property owned by Mercy or as to the suitability of the Kohl Mansion or the surrounding property owned by Mercy for the conduct of Permittee’s Event. Permittee accepts the use of the improvements and personal property located in the Kohl Mansion in their then-“as is” condition and without any representation or warranty from Mercy, either express or implied, of any kind, including merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose. Mercy reserves the right, at its sole absolute discretion, and without any liability to Permittee, to make, at any time and from time to time prior to the Date of Event, such changes to the exterior of the Kohl Mansion and to the surrounding property owned by Mercy and to the interior of the Kohl Mansion, as Mercy may determine. Mercy shall give prompt notice to Permittee in the event of any fire or damage to the Kohl Mansion. If, in Mercy’s judgment, such damage renders the Kohl Mansion unsuitable for Permittee’s Event, and such damage will not be repaired or restored prior to the Date of Event, then Mercy shall return Permittee’s Rental Fee less any amounts due under this Agreement (which shall be negotiated among the parties), and this Agreement shall terminate. Permittee waives all claims against Mercy for compensation for loss of use of the Kohl Mansion or any inconvenience occasioned by such damage, repair or restoration.


    Permittee shall not use the Kohl Mansion or permit anything to be done in or around the Kohl Mansion or the surrounding property which will, as determined in Mercy’s sole discretion, (a) in any way interfere or conflict with Mercy’s use of the Kohl Mansion and the surrounding property for Mercy’s purposes or (b) in any way conflict with any present or future law, statute, ordinance, code, rule regulation, requirement, license, permit, certificate, judgment, decree, order or direction of any present or future governmental or quasi-governmental authority, agency, department, board, panel or court (singularly and collectively, “Laws”), including, but not limited to, any Laws relating to the environment, health, or safety. Permittee, its agents, contractors, and invitees shall comply with any and all rules and regulations adopted by Mercy from time to time regarding use of the Kohl Mansion, including Mercy’s Procedure Guidelines for Kohl Mansion Rental linked hereto as Exhibit B (the “Procedure Guidelines”).

    Please contact us for more information regarding our policies and current rental rates.